Envision Dallas

Envision The Possibilities

Visiting Envision Dallas opens the door to a comprehensive world of support and empowerment for individuals with visual impairments. Envision offers a wide spectrum of services, resources, and innovative solutions tailored to enhance the lives of those facing low vision challenges. From cutting-edge assistive technology to personalized rehabilitation programs, their commitment to fostering independence and inclusion shines through every page. Whether you're seeking expert guidance, assistive devices, or a supportive community, Envision's website is a gateway to a brighter future for individuals living with visual impairment.

Envision University:

The vision of Envision University is to provide multidisciplinary continuing education and research opportunities for low vision rehabilitation professionals and to establish best practices to ensure continued research and provide clinical care for individuals who are blind or visually impaired. Our promise is to collaborate with vision rehabilitation and research professionals to provide relevant multidisciplinary continuing education and research opportunities that address practice gaps in current standards of care and research.

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